Maxe Geba Flex-tube kit

Maxe Geba Flex-tube kit


GeBAflex Tube Dialysis and Buffer Exchange Kits are the best-selling products in a decade for protein and nucleic acid dialysis, purification, or buffer exchange applications. GeBAflex Tube Dialysis and Buffer Exchange Kits include a specially designed single-use plastic tube that has a built-in permeable membrane that allows for salt migration. The high quality of the membrane allows unsurpassed recovery of 98% of pure samples.

The patented membrane is free of contaminating nucleic acids, heavy metals and treated with EDTA. The kits work in an easy-to-handle way by pipetting the sample into the tube and performing dialysis while the tubes are floating in the buffer. A floating rack is even included for added comfort of use. Multiple samples can be processed at the same time, allowing for high-throughput applications. No special equipment or syringes are required.


  • Elimination of salt, solvents, and detergents.
  • Complex formation studies (protein-protein, protein-DNA, and protein-RNA)
  • PH and buffer adjustment of sample solutions, protein extracts, or cell extracts
  • Small amino acid peptide dialysis
  • Purification of virus particles
  • Removal of micromolecules
  • Tissue Culture Extract Purification
  • Protein, oligonucleotide, RNA, or DNA dialysis sample
  • Buffer swap
  • Sample concentration
  • Protein Sample Preparation for MALDI-MS


  • High recovery:> 97%
  • Dialysis membranes made from ultrapure regenerated cellulose
  • Ease of use – no accessories required, very fast
  • Scalability
  • Economic
  • No need to clean or autoclave

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